About Us

Who We Are

Myeasel is a growing online marketplace for talented artists to sell their artwork to our community. Our online marketplace is currently aimed to consumers and artists based in the United Kingdom, with the intention of expanding our marketplace globally in the near future.

It is our mission to provide the opportunity that talented  artists deserve to sell their masterpieces to our consumers. We strive to help our community of talented artists transform their talents into successful businesses by connecting them to our buyers who admire the exceptional artwork that our artists create. 

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How Myeasel Works

Our marketplace is designed to connect talented artists to fulfil their passion in selling their incredible artwork, whilst helping our buyers find pieces of artwork they love. 

Our low fees, no joining costs and support, enable talented artists to easily begin selling their artwork and grow their business into a successful store. 

We take a 10% commission on each sale which enables us to fund the upkeep of this marketplace as well as undertake advertising for our artists. This commission is considerably lower than the industries average which is 40%!

Our marketplace allows artists to become sellers and create their own store whereby they can edit products, view orders they receive and check out their store statistics. 


Charles Taylor

Founder - CEO

Worldwide Network

Connecting you to vendors across the globe

Best Quality

Talented artists creating great quality pieces of artwork

Best Offers

We charge considerably lower commissions that other art market leaders

Secure Payments

Secure payments for both vendors and consumers